Top 10 Shocking Places to Live in Monte Carlo

The world is changing with every passing moment. And as it continues to do so, people are being creative to make things even better. For example, having a vacation near an ocean beach will always be amazing for some folks. 

You enjoy that water’s cool temperature and look over the horizon to watch the sunset. It looks great!

But if you live in a resort city or want something more glamorous, you can have all these things too. Here is the beauty of our beautiful place here in Monte Carlo:

10- Royal Palace, Monaco

Located at Montage des Anges, the palace is the royal residence of King Charles VII de Monaco. The magnificent palace houses over 20 luxurious rooms adorned with marble fireplaces and decorative pieces.

There are many lovely spots within this majestic palace. The view from the balcony or the entrance hall has to be the most breathtaking. Another place to enjoy views can be seen from the library, where is a huge collection of books and manuscripts. And they also provide the perfect place to spend time and relax on sunny days.

9- Place du Cap-Eden-Roc, Monaco

It’s like paradise in the middle of the earth. A very romantic place where everything seems to go wrong only when you have been away for a while! However, as the saying goes, beauty hides ugly things.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

If the sun shines just the right, everyone can enjoy a nice meal in a cozy café in this marvelous building. And if it’s not summer or the weather is not the best, then the ocean view will still give your soul a thrill.

But id there is no sunshine or sea air keeps your coolness while visiting this beautiful place, then you would to love to come back home to your house for a long sleep.

8- Hotel Ami Orient, New York City, United States

A hotel with a luxury atmosphere and lots of wonderful experiences. This hotel can feel both classy and fun. It provides guests with the best comfort to travel and experience different places.

Photo by Maksim Romashkin

The main attraction is the French chic bathrooms, which offer stunning views of Manhattan and other incredible buildings. Apart from the bathroom, this property offer a wide range of dinning options and relaxing atmosphere!

7- Chateau Marmont Saint Victoire, France

Chateau Marmont Saint Victoire is located at 933 Rue Clermont- the hill overlooking Haute Bouche of Monaco, Saint Victoire.

One of the most famous castle in the entire world, this castle was build around 1660 by Louis XIV. The chateau consists of 4 towers with a total area of almost 42 hectares and is surrounded by greenery.

The architecture consists of 3 distinct structures, each decorated with red color. Each tower represents a different era, while the interior is decorated with marble.

6- Villa Casa Bonita, Parma Italy (Covid 19 Preventive Measures)

The villa of Casa Bonita is found in Monte Cassino, in the Parma district of Italy.

The architecturally striking structure is shaped like a Roman amphitheater, with the courtyard and hall as separate spaces. But don’t worry, the villa offers plenty of comfortable and functional rooms that will fit your needs.

Apart from the rooms, there are several excellent restaurants on the premises. As well as the Kitchen, the walls have some large windows for you to enjoy stunning views of Rome.

5- EI Dorado National Park, Costa Rica

EI Dorado National Park has breathtaking natural scenes in terms of landscape and animals. And these stunni8ng landscape and animals make the park popular among tourists.

This lush environment makes this location a must while plan your holiday tour. The place has also a small lake, EI Dorado del Prado, surrounded by mountains and lakes.

Image by kordula vahle from Pixabay 

 These lakes are also connected with a canal network that allows tourists to access and take in this fascinating land. Also, beautiful springs can be enjoyed during your vacation if you are lucky enough to visit the national park.

4- Porto and Marina Cotopaxis, Italy

Porto and Marina is located within Monte Verde International Airport in the northern part of Italy.

Located about 2 hours from Florence and Rome, Porto has often been considered the leading gateway to Europe from Milan.

As well as being a hub for tourist activities, Porto also offers visitors a plethora of activities such as hiking tours, cycling trails, fishing trips, etc.

Image by Rhys Adams from Pixabay 

Marina Cotopaxis is another outstanding tourism destination in Italy. It is said to have paved the way for international trade between 1883 and 1885. That alone cannot be forgotten because it is full of wonderful sites worth travelling to.

From the museums in the former port to the modern pier, it gives a chance to explore Italy while enjoying its unique culture.

3- San Miguel Volcano, Chile

San Miguel Volcano is the second highest mountain in the Pacific Ocean and the largest active volcano in Latin America. Its area is approximately 673 square miles.

And because of the volcano climate and hot spring water, it also possesses the ability to produce lava, steam and gas. UNESCO recognized it as one of the greatest scenic destinations in the South American Pacific Coast Region.

The crater itself is known as La Virgen del Gato. Visitors can see the two craters, and it is believed that this crater started erupting at the end of the last ice age.

So it becomes even cooler, hotter, and more acidic. Due to the close proximity of the crater, hikers can travel here on horseback, and several hikes are done by guides to climb the slopes.

2- Mount Etna volcano, Chile

Mount Etna Lava Tube is an volcano in Chile. It reaches a height of more than 8,000 feet above sea level.

The crater features a cone shape, and a dome made up of several smaller craters. And that’s why the summit of the volcano is sometimes dubbed “Mount Olympus”. The rock itself is very thick and porous and contains ash. You can see the cones through the windows at the lower levels of the pyramid.

In addition, Mount Etna has three rings, each with a volume of more than 300 cubic meters. On December 18th this year, Mount Etna erupted after nearly thirty years and caused significant damage.

While people were evacuated from this beautiful regions, locals  and tourists were left stranded due to power outages and landslides. But since then, people are now safe, and everyone is returning to normal life.

1-Gran Canaria Island, Caribbean Sea

The island Gran Canaria is a magical spot for many travelers, especially those looking for easy accessibility.

Photo by Дмитрий Трепольский

Not only does this magically island offer beautiful beaches with spectacular blue waters, but it offers a beautiful landscape  as well. The beautiful scenery includes sandy beaches, turquoise waters, clear blue skies, and vibrant colors.

One can find beaches that stretch across 200 km of coastline. More amazingly, this island’s land is also filled with flora and fauna. They include parrots and toucans.

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