Top 10 Amazing Places To Live In Vienna, Austria

Explore all these lovely places for a romantic experience and more. You can also find plenty of other options on this page and we will talk about some more places too!

Neuilly-Mayerhof – The Most Romantic Place I’ve Seen!

Neuilly-Mayerhof, one of Vienna’s most picturesque squares is a perfect place to enjoy an evening stroll or simply get inspired by the view of beautiful buildings from every corner!

This area is home to many restaurants, cafes, and even bars, so if you want to spend time with someone your own age to share your first kiss, then there are lots of choices for that.

It’s best to choose a restaurant that has been carefully designed to show off its architecture and location and not just any old cafe or bar, it’s worth this trip or go to any of them!

 Do not worry, they will definitely have something good to offer you for dinner or lunch.


Hofgarten is another very special place to visit and it has a lot of great places to stay too!

There are several museums here, including The Museum of Modern Art. There is nothing better than the natural landscapes around, which make this area very attractive.

One must visit the city’s center because this area is full of beautiful parks, including the famous ones of Marine Gate, Schonbrunn Palace, and Stedelijk Cathedral Tower.

Also, you can see huge monuments at Frauensterpark, Giesecke Krasnicka, and the Haus der Wissenschaften (House of Women) but it’s worth coming here and exploring everything you will like.

Oder-Wemerkstatt – A magical place to be!

The oldest structure in the city is located almost at the center of Vienna.

When you’re walking on this street, you will be amazed by its majestic stone arch and the large arches of several important buildings.

If you want to stay overnight, then this is a great option. Here you will not only enjoy peace but you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the city the next day as well.

Photo by Pixabay

Here is why: there are many different museums in this place and lots of nice shops where you can buy the goods you like.

As for eating and drinking, you can always sit outside on a cozy blanket and read newspapers on the roof of the building.

Karlspeternberg – Another wonderful historic city place

Karlspeternberg is the largest square in Vienna. If you like being in a central part, it should be good for your imagination and creativity, you create new images and colors here.

People who live in this place have to come here with their children, and most people will tell you about this place.

With such views, they often take pictures of themselves in front of the Arch of Franz Josef II, the Cathedral of Maria Theresa, or the magnificent Palais des Festivals, but the best ones are found on the walls of this square.

Nowadays, people visit here for shopping, sightseeing, and relaxing, but still, they don’t think about what is behind them.

They leave everything there and here is why you must go here after visiting this place. If you really like historical places, then this is a great place to be.

Spittweil-Gmutau – The place where the heart belongs!

It is said that Spittweil is the best romantic city for couples, especially when it comes to romantic gestures.

At night, it was used as the meeting point for parties, where everyone could meet and spend romantic moments together. So you see those couples in the middle of this place, smiling and laughing.

Photo by Dmitriy Ganin

Those of us who love romantic gestures definitely have to go here to enjoy these things. Everything about this place encourages couples to feel comfortable and happy.

Not many romantic gestures can be seen there, so you need to book a hotel here if you want to see various romantic gestures.

If you want to spend a long time in this place, then this was a great idea for you.

Prinztentau – Another famous romantic city!

If you like romance and romantic gestures, there is no better place where to find them than Prinztentau!

That’s why you need to book a room here. It is a very romantic atmosphere throughout the whole area, where you can enjoy romantic moments together with your partner.

During the winter season, you can play here in the snow, and in spring, the garden brings fresh colors, flowers, and even the sky!

There are two beaches and one park in Prinztentau, which are ideal for kids. But there is also a lake and a museum in this place.

And if you want to spend a romantic evening in Prinztentau, then you need to book a hotel here. The prices aren’t very high here, but you can have a nice view.

Hauptstadt – a small city on the bigger picture!

If you are looking for romantic and romantic spots, then Hauptstadt is where you need to go! From romantic places to romantic bars and pubs, to romantic hotels, there are tons of possibilities here!

Don’t miss this place, it’s your chance to see the whole city and to do some romantic activities. It is probably one of our favorite cities in Europe.

On the right part of this building, there is a lovely building with a glass ceiling, this is called Verdon and you can enjoy amazing views of the entire city.

Photo by ArtHouse Studio

In the same way, you will see plenty of romantic places, but they will be much richer and much more interesting!

Schonbrunn Castle

Located in the heart of the town of Weidnitz, in this castle, where we used to spend our most romantic evenings, you will find lots of romantic castles.

Of course, one of them will be the castle you are going to stay in, that’s why we recommend this place. The price is quite expensive – it’s worth it.

It is surrounded by nature and the surrounding landscape is beautiful, yet romantic, which makes it a unique beauty!

Altesgir – One of those romantic villages you are going to see!

Altesgir is a medieval market, it was built on the banks of a stream. There are hundreds of houses and palaces and a number of historic buildings here.

The streets of this city are usually very narrow and crowded, but this is very true and romantic.

Here, you will find both a river and a beautiful city. However, people are not very interested in the city, they like to live in the countryside.

So, lots of couples like to live here, but they don’t leave the house in summer.

So, if you are looking for romantic places to live in Schönbrunn, look all over and then start your journey here!


A charming little plaza with a fountain in front, and romantic decorations and sculptures, the location where couples spent their most romantic evenings!

Image by Waltteri Paulaharju from Pixabay  

Konigstadion is one of the biggest parks in Vienna and you can enjoy romantic moments together.

This place also attracts thousands of tourists each year. If you want to stay here, then firstly, you need to book a hotel.

Secondly, you need to consider booking a romantic breakfast and dinner there, and if you like spending this kind of night on a picnic blanket, then don’t forget to book a hotel here!

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