5 Shocking Social, Cultural, and Gender Inequality Questions You Want To Know

Society and gender that each group has its own norms, values, and beliefs about men and women.

Gender And Culture

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What is social Inequality?

Inequality can be defined as an imbalance of power that exists in society. (Parkin 2012)
In other words, it is the ratio of the total value of one type of person to another. It includes such things as race, income, etc. It also incorporates social interactions and norms, like how people dress and etc.

When someone is born female, she has certain advantages over men access to education and opportunities for upward mobility. Being male is associated with responsibilities, authority, and risk-taking.

Men, therefore, are typically more assertive and powerful than women. Both males and females should strive and work towards equal rights however, this doesn’t happen often.


Many differences exist between males and females. One example is the fact that they have different skills.

For example

A woman usually takes care of her children while she is pregnant with them. Whereas men are known to help raise children and take care of old parents, especially if they have children.

Also, because female infants take their mother’s breast for breast milk and men breastfeed their children, breastfeeding is much easier while being men. Because men are responsible for child rearing and women are mothers.

Men tend to think logically and make decisions much faster. Women, however, tend to be more intuitive about everything and do what women feel is best for themselves.

Men have the advantage, which is more logical. To become a successful entrepreneur, you need to learn all business-related things. You have to study history, politics, economics, psychology, etc.

Many young businessmen believe that women have no interest in entrepreneurship. However, actually, that’s not true.

Most women like to become entrepreneurs or start businesses. So, most of us have a responsibility and an obligation to become self-employed. People who are highly skilled but not motivated get frustrated because there is no future for them.

That leads them to become depressed, hopeless, and lonely. They fail to realize life is just like a fairy tale. We must never forget our original purpose of becoming businessmen:
To provide for our families and get rich.

No matter how important it is to be smart, creative thinkers, and successful entrepreneurs, we can do what is good for us, how we wish. But, when we stop pursuing our dreams, when men and women are equal, we will live happily.

Therefore, it’s not always easy to succeed but it will be possible if we give our heart, mind, and soul to it. Unfortunately, people like to believe in hard materialistic aspects of life.

This belief causes people to focus more on their appearance than they should have focused on their actual goals. Because they think that it is better to be wealthy than satisfied, or how to be a man or a woman.

Gender, Sexuality, Femininity of Female Body, Male Dominance

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We can observe almost the opposite of traditional gender distribution in developed countries where females have achieved more success in careers, education, and marriage than men. As mentioned by Professor Gail Tucker from Yale University,

“It has certainly opened more doors than ever before for women in advanced economics. Their pay rise isn’t so high, but they get higher results, more respect, and less bullying. Males are still viewed as breadwinners, that’s what keeps them going. These days, women’s lives seem happier than ever. More women are working and earning money. At least they’re succeeding financially. I haven’t seen it take away from their joy.”

Why does it seem like males are happy or contented today?

To me, it’s because they’ve always had more control of economic and political power. They don’t lose any control at all. Although males may feel powerless, they feel more confident when they go out in public places because men are given enough power and influence over women to ensure that they are taken care of, protected, treated fairly, and supported.

While women feel comfortable and secure in family, friends, and their community because of societal pressure to conform to the norm. Both males and females should keep in mind that they have differences, and they should treat others accordingly.

Women must also be aware of the situation to be happy and secure in their relationships, regardless of sexual orientation.

Social Isolation

Not Feeling Good About Yourself, Feeling Lonely, Feeling Uncomfortable in Your Own Skin
According to Professor Amy Stove of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Social isolation is caused by a sense of loneliness.

Loneliness can result from not feeling good about yourself or feeling socially isolated to a point. Depression can lead to anxiety, isolation, and social withdrawal, among other symptoms.

Psychological research has shown that social stress contributes to the development of anorexia. Some studies suggest that social isolation also contributes to lower happiness levels in general.

How we choose to perceive ourselves affects our overall happiness, and that is partly why we struggle with feeling good about ourselves in the face of social rejection.

Our negative experiences shape our identities and create the way we live our daily lives. We often tell people to stop worrying because we’ll be fine later. It doesn’t necessarily feel like it will be ok. Just like Amy Stove stated,

“People tend to underestimate what it feels like to be alone. We put up walls around ourselves and try to protect ourselves from external things and internal thoughts,”

For instance, when I have a friend, who told me when he was younger to be thankful the only time he felt truly happy, was when he was living alone. He said,

“When you feel alone, you’re not really sure who you are.’ When you feel alone, you’re not totally sure who you are anymore.”

What about the feelings people experience when they are alone?

When someone is lonely, nobody wants them. They think it is something that can affect them. I think that if you are in love, it is not always lonely and it is completely natural. Even though we have various types of romantic partners, romantic love is not common.

I remember once when two of my friends talked about romance, one of them claimed that romantically, he didn’t believe he loved his girlfriend. After I asked him why not love, he said, “You won’t be there physically.” My friend said the same thing,

“I don’t think I really find myself there physically. I do know she will be there, but the connection won’t be real.”

  • Why would someone be searching for his/her physical body for his/her romantic partner?
  • Aren’t everyone saying that everyone else is doing the same thing?
  • That we are not special in some ways?

Or just because we have a boyfriend, a girlfriend, or a significant other, we think that we are unique in some way. We say that it would be so romantic if we found someone who loves us, and we can share our life together.

  • But, what would the actual outcome of this experience be?
  • Isn’t it kind of lonely to be with your lover?

Especially if you are trying to figure out what’s with it.

Maybe, we don’t love each other or maybe he/she doesn’t love me. Who knows?

It is definitely a great question. Because we’re all human beings, looking for our soul mate isn’t a bad thing. If I had met someone who liked me, the idea of finding him/her wouldn’t have looked so romantic.

I think that some people find a suitable suitor based on their personality and their personal characteristics. Even though, findings our soul mates are romantic.

According to Amy Leibowitz, author of ‘The Five B’ in Love: Advice for Couples Over 50,

“Most people would like to find or attract someone who is interesting and sexy. Someone I am interested in. Someone who has a personality. People find compatible matchmaking.”

In my opinion, I think a lot of couples get into a long-term commitment because they choose someone based on their personality and their compatibility with one another. According to Elizabeth Loftus, coauthor of Finding Someone Like Me,

“It’s not the person you fall for that matters, it’s how you fall for that person.”

I think people with good communication skills being flexible, open to change, and willing to learn more about you are the best. If you meet those qualities in someone, you can find them in whatever you.

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