9 Best Places to Visit in Nevada

The state of Las Vegas Nevada is a big tourist district in the United States, located at 9400 Grand Teton National Park.

It is also considered one in North America, having five boroughs – Henderson to be specific, and three others which are Nellis to its north, Clark County to the east, and Humboldt County to the south.

This area is well-known for hosting conventions and events such as the World Cup and many other high-profile occasions, making it a popular place for tourists.

There are many amazing things to do and see in the state of Nevada, including visiting some of the greatest landmarks such as Eldorado National Park, Silver Peak Mountain, Hoover Dam, Hoover Dam Hotel & Casino, and more.

Photo by Neal Smith

Also, many beautiful towns and cities around the state have gorgeous ski slopes and resorts and a plethora of shopping and entertainment options located throughout different areas. There are a few places you should visit to experience these wonderful sights.

While some of these destinations may surprise you, others will give you a peek into a world of wonder and wonderland surrounding these amazing natural wonders.

Some of these spots include Sun Valley with its breathtaking mountains, Wolf Mountain valley for skiing with snowmobile trails, Arroyo Grande Canyon for hiking or fishing, Hot Springs Ranch for biking along beautiful beaches, Great Basin State Park for hiking through stunning terrain, Gold Strike Ranch for horseback riding and much more.

Our top best places to visit in Nevada are below!

Red Rock Desert – Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is located on California’s western side of the Sierra Nevada Range. While this region is not particularly known for tourist attractions, it’s a great location to explore the red rock desert in Nevada for many reasons.

Because of the large red rock landscape, it can be quite scary for visitors but offers so much wildlife and other animals, such as moats, sand dunes, waterfalls, and a host of native plants.

This land is very diverse, but it houses the largest reds in any location as far as size and temperature are concerned. While there are plenty of deserts, the Red Rock Desert is unique due to its size.

You can stay overnight at the hotel, rent your camping trailer for a night to camp, or just enjoy the scenery. Many people are attracted to the park’s beauty and the nearby towns and villages, with nearby hotels and restaurants offering various choices to cater to every taste.

City Of Rocks – Reno Nevada

The city of rocks in Nevada is made from granite and cedar. There are over 100 buildings here, and many of the building structures resemble Flintstone.

Everything being built from stone and cedar, they were used by cavemen to store fire for cooking and other purposes during those times, and even though they were only able to survive for about 200 years, their caves still remain standing strong as a memorial to them and their way of life.

Visitors want the chance to learn about what life was like before them by exploring the historic houses and buildings and enjoying the view while staying in one of these marvelous structures.

Another fun thing to do at the City of Rocks is to see the famous Rock City Arcade, where you get the chance to go inside and play games just like your favorite ones.

Empire State Building – New York City

Empire State Building is located in midtown Manhattan and is the most iconic American structure in the world.

Built between 1927 and 1933, when the World Trade Center attack happened, the Empire State Building stood up for thousands of years with only minor renovations needed.

It’s currently recognized as the world’s third highest tower and a major landmark.

Not only does this structure allow people to admire the skyline from anywhere in New York, but there are lots of activities and facilities available like viewing the Eiffel Tower from the ground floor, getting up close and personal with huge steel statues, taking pictures of the view, eating lunch at the Empire Cafe, watching movies at Studio 54 on Broadway and much more.

Not only is the Empire State Building a landmark, but it is a fascinating example of old New York and its history. If you’re looking for ways to enjoy downtown NYC without having to leave, nothing compares to going to the Empire State Building.

Coney Island – Brooklyn

Coney Island in Brooklyn is a lively neighborhood and popular tourist destination with a significant number of shops and restaurants.

Though it may seem a bit crowded sometimes, the sidewalks are so wide that you can still walk around without being scared of someone trying to grab your bag or snatch some souvenirs.

Due to the dense population of tourists visiting the island, it is pretty hard to find a good spot to hang out, but if you’re lucky enough to see a crowd of visitors come and visit the island, go check out all the museums, shops, cinemas, and restaurants that are located here.

As a result, there are plenty of bars and clubs to visit and drink cocktails on the street.

Many small businesses are happy to sell their products in front of the Eiffel Tower or near Saks Fifth Avenue, thanks to the constant foot traffic around New York City, which makes this place very touristy and busy.

Whether you’d like to pay for a tour of the Statue of Liberty Visitor Center or take in a private show at the museum, the scene here is always popping.

Downtown San Francisco, CA – Chinatown

China Town is a huge part of San Francisco, located west of Market Street in the Bay Area. Although there are several neighborhoods within Chinatown, it is primarily divided into Little Italy and Pacific Rim.

These two sides are separated by a narrow bridge. They both lead to different alleys where you can find restaurants, pizza, candy stores, gyms, coffee shops, and other places to eat.

Most neighborhoods have similar streets but a few distinct places that ensure everyone knows where to go, including the Big Bird Express, Yoyogi Park, Pico-Mall Plaza, SoMa Club, Alameda Square, Westfield Century Village, Chinatown Mall, Times Square, Chinatown Ferry, and more.

Despite the name, it’s a little smaller than you might think. However, this area has tons of shops on each corner and many great restaurants to choose from.

If you don’t want to miss out on the Chinese community, you must visit this place and immerse yourself in its culture.

Cathedral Hill – Washington DC

Cathedral Hill in Washington is where Abraham Lincoln delivered his address during the 1832 election.

Since Lincoln’s speech, the cathedral has been used by the White House staff and the military for various missions.

Currently, it sits somewhere around 800 feet above sea level. While it is an amazing place to witness a presidential address, don’t forget to check out the incredible views on the hill.

Some of the best views of the cathedral and the entire area are found at the dome. Make sure you plan a day trip from there for a better view of the White House’s exterior.

Yosemite National Park, Nevada

Yosemite National Park is located along the coast’s northern section of California. It is surrounded by the massive Los Glacia National Park stretching north to Canada in Ontario and Quebec.

While there are many locations in Nevada, including Yosemite National Park, and many others, it is the biggest national park on Earth, and you can’t afford to pass it by.

Here, there are so many awesome features and experiences to discover, including the Glacier Point Trail, where visitors can spot the glacier from a vantage point, Lassen Peak Trail.

Other locations for hiking include Half Dome Drive, Black Rock Dike, Yosemite Falls, Yosemite Valley trail, and more. For some special treats, there are opportunities to visit the Yosemite Village.

Marinas de Canon City

Museum de Canon City has become the capital of Arizona. One of the main reasons the city has become this big is its proximity to Lake Superior.

Today, Marinas de Canon is one of the biggest art museums in the US and brings together artists, scholars, historical figures, authors, and other artists to discuss their works with their peers in the region.

Their paintings, sculptures, drawings, and more have become popular thanks to the museum’s collection of fine arts, such as the painting work of Imelda Pinero, Diego Rivera, and others from Mexico and Central and South America.

What makes Marina’s museum especially noteworthy is the extensive collection, which contains works of over 300 renowned modern artists of the 20th century and the early 21st century.

Santa Fe and Bryce Canyon. Utah, USA

Santa Fe is home to the tallest monolith of all time and a large amount of untouched natural beauty.

Aside from one of the top ten best hikes in the country, the Montezuma Stone Monolith overlooks the San Juan River between the town of Parra Vista and Brecknold Pass Wilderness National Park.

As well as being extremely impressive, there is enormous parking of 1,500 lots that can accommodate 12 cars.

On top of that, there are many amazing dining options in Santa Fe, including La Casita del Mono Restaurant and Bar and La Locanda del Tejeros Restaurant. It may sound weird to visit a zoo and spend a couple days exploring creatures like monkeys, elephants, rabbits, and more. 

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