9 Best Places to Live in Bulgaria Will Amaze You

Bulgaria is a small, landlocked Eastern Mediterranean nation. It has been an independent country since 1918 and is currently part of Europe in Western Europe. The capital city is Sofia, but the largest city is Riga. There are around 100 towns, cities, and villages.

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Sofia also called SVETI VAULOV, is a coastal city in southeastern Bulgaria that was founded by Greek people in 384 BC and became known for its white marble architecture, cobblestone streets, and cobbled squares.

When I lived here many years ago, we used to go to the nearby beach, and my friends and I would have lunch there. The sea breeze and the cool wind would make our faces feel sore when we were tired.

We never had to worry about being attacked or robbed just because we were staying here in this wonderful place. So, I’d tell my parents not to be afraid if you live in the middle of the sea, where everything happens.

My brother stayed here once he was sick for three weeks, but this is not the place for him. He can live somewhere more interesting and less dangerous, like in Nice or Edinburgh. I only need to go out once to buy ice cream from one of the vendors on the street in front of the school.

It’s very quiet here, with no traffic jams, and there are plenty of bars and restaurants for people looking to enjoy their evening. 


The second most famous Bulgarian city is Yalta on the Adriatic coast. Yalta will remind you of your childhood vacations as soon as you drive through the airport.

Just imagine yourself sitting at the beaches next to the Tatarstan mountains and the beautiful bay. You’ll definitely want to bring back some memories and come back to this marvelous city and town…

Just imagine the old wooden buildings and the narrow alleyways of the old town of Yalta. Maybe you can meet several artists and share their experiences and ideas.

But most importantly, you’ll want to see what life must be like in these parts of Yalta. They were really the real capital of ancient Greece. Many places had been ruined during World War II, such as churches and houses, but these are now slowly becoming available.

Some great cafes are still open in different spots. The atmosphere here is much more relaxed now than before, especially when speaking about the history of Bulgaria.


If you like traveling when you need to, you must visit the former capital of Bohemia, Karlovy. Here, you will find everything you may need for a relaxing day and a nice night, depending on the season and the time of year.

You may also ask yourself how to do it without going too far from home. Well, there are many things to choose from, but first, let me introduce something common to every traveler and tourist in the country, the Old Town, a unique structure worth visiting with everyone.

This building is over 500 years old and looks like a palace.
When was the last time you saw someone in this palace in a castle?
Of course, there’s also the Old City, which is over 700 years old and one of Karlovy’s oldest districts.

Most of the buildings were built in the 17-19th centuries. At this point, you need to go to the Prague Zoo and see if you’re interested in learning more about German mythology. Plus, the Cathedral is another place you might want to visit.

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Monastir/Kluchetts, also called Kluches/Monasteros / Monastery of Saint Nicholas the Great, is the capital of Northern Bulgaria.

The city was originally built around the fortress walls of Alexander the Great in 324 BC, and the ruins that we see today are a mix between Byzantine and Gothic architecture. In 1883, Napoleon III ordered his soldiers to seize the monastery and built it into a fort.

Later, the monastery became a museum with many historical monuments and sculptures. On November 20, 2006, after two days of protests across the city, Mayor Alida Mokrzana announced that she was planning to take charge of the monastery after her husband’s death, and the monastery received permission to return to the center of the city.

Since 2005, there have been almost 15,000 visitors who came there to see more or less 100 museums and visit the National Museum of Ancient Arts, the Church, and the National Library.


Timok, located near lake Bature, is located in northern Bulgaria. It is the main city of Timok and the largest city in Northern Macedonia. In addition, you can see the remains of the 13th-century fortress that stood at the end of the Silk Road.

Today, there are many cultural aspects and attractions here, including the Olympic Stadium, Saint Georges Basilica, the St. Joseph Basilica, and more places to admire artworks from the Middle Ages, which had different characteristics from other cultures.

With the help of local architect Alexey Kalinina’s work, a series of projects was organized to construct many new places, modern buildings, pedestrian streets, and other urban facilities. And at the same time, the area also underwent important renovations, allowing access to many new spaces.

Many people visit here for their children’s Christmas holidays and birthdays, making this city the safest place in Europe.


When you’re here, you need to look at the magnificent Chrystyna Synagogue, the world’s largest Jewish synagogue, the biggest church in Kyiv that still holds the historic synagogue.

If you visit it, you should know very good Russian songs, which will sing your soul and make you feel good when you stay there. The Orthodox Church of Holy Mother is the oldest building in Ukraine, which dates to the 19th century and belongs to the Roman Catholic Church.

Ukrainian cuisine might be too salty to eat here, but it is not a problem. And of course, if you like food, you can visit the Khalevikya Restaurant, which has some special dishes that would be tastier if you had them in Moscow. You can try pancakes for breakfast.


Vladivostok, located on the west side of the white sea, is a small port city in North Eastern Russia. From September 14 to 27 of each year, thousands of tourists usually visit here to enjoy the magic of nature, the beauty of water, and the natural scenery alone.

Many hotels, restaurants, tourist locations, and others were built here. Due to the cold climate and low temperature, the port cities were covered with glaciers and were mostly hard to survive.

At this time, people who lived downtown were the only ones going there. After the Second World War, it’s hard to imagine anyone living in such a region as Siberia, but people did. People from all countries came here, and they settled down in villages and towns as well.

It’s a very beautiful city that does not belong to any country. I love the landscape here, and I can’t forget how you can see the sky at night. One of my favorite hotels, Hotel Lomonos, is just a few meters from my apartment in my house in London.

Do you want to book a room for two here?
Or maybe it’s easier for you to find a room for your lover.

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Zlatni Zanci

Located in central Bulgaria, Zaltni Zanci lies along the river Danube and some of the surrounding areas. This little city is full of amazing churches, castles, and palaces, that are absolutely beautiful on a snowy December morning.

The city center is situated on the bank of River Dunay, along which you can read the story of Peter and Paul. The city is famous for its green forests and lakes for fishing and swimming.

Although you should be careful in walking through the dark winter woods, you can always enjoy a pleasant walk to the frozen lake. And, of course, while taking a path by foot, one can also enjoy a lovely view of the snow-covered slopes of Mount Dusunzelek.

What is the best way to travel here?
Are you ready for such a journey?

I will show you at least 2 options-the roads by bus (for the distance) or the train (for a longer journey) if you want to see more of the landscape with snow and ice.

Both are a bit expensive, but even though they’re both expensive, you can still enjoy yourself while living here. If you are looking for a cheap solution, which means going by car or train, you should look at one of the cheaper transport companies and get something suitable for you.

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Dubrovnik is nestled in Central Serbia, in the heart of the Alps, and it’s the top tourist destination in Europe.

With 3 million tourists visiting the country each year, around 500 thousand tourists arrive here, about 80 thousand of whom are women. Over 95% of the population here are Serbs who speak English often.

The city hall is in the form of a dome, which measures 40 meters high and contains a huge number of offices.

Everything here is very practical and organized: there are over 3 hundred parks for children and nearly 50 museums and other educational institutions. The average lifespan of these buildings is more than 15 years, which means one.

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