9 Amazing Destinations In Edinburg, Scotland

The beautiful Edinburg is located on a mountainside of a city with the most beautiful landscape. This city has a lot of museums and tourist attractions.

Most people who travel to Edinburg for tourism will have a fantastic experience visiting famous sites such as Stonehenge in Wiltshire, The Loch Ness Monster, and the Giant Folly.

You can also find fabulous castles like Dunsinane Castle, Strom grove Castle, and Lanrhyce Castle.

However, there are many more places you can go to discover, such as the City Wall, the National Museum of Ireland, and the Old Town of Edinburg. There are also plenty of historic cities within one drive, such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Dublin.

Edinburg is among my top picks for exploring this city. It is most popular because it’s small sized.

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Not only that, but the climate is perfect for enjoying some warm drinks in the afternoon after a busy day. I highly recommend taking a car tour of several Edinburg areas to enjoy your trip. Some of my personal favorites include:

Royal Crescent

Located at the heart of Edinburg’s Square, this park is one of the most expensive places to visit.

If you want to take your photos, I suggest taking them out of daylight. Alternatively, you can book a picnic in a tree-lined area and enjoy your tea or snacks.

Wood Park

One of my favorite things to see in Edinburg is the wood park. When you travel to Edinburg, you can find many different types of trees here, including birches and oaks in various stages of growth.

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A great way to spend time is by using guided tours around the parks. The best option is being able to walk through the wood parks, which offer views of the beautiful countryside around this big city center.

Horseshoe Beach

From the middle of July to mid-September, you have the chance to visit a beach you might want to see every summer.

This place is known as the “green sea route” because it is surrounded by lakes and sandy beaches. It is considered the most extensive beach along the coast of Edinburg in terms of size.

It is scalding during the summer months, and water levels can rise to over 100mm. As well to the views, the beach has become a popular place for tourists to swim as their boats are easily accessible from the shoreline (there are even a couple of surf spots around this beach).

During spring we have another chance to visit the same view. We can enjoy the nice weather and enjoy swimming in the waves surrounding the beach from our cars while driving around Edinburg.

Palace Gardens

To add yet another exciting aspect to the whole country, three palace gardens and two others are inside the castle complex.

The first is called Hornes Garden. It was built between 1744 and 1758 and represents Britain’s royal family.

Another garden is named Sleeping stone Garden and you can admire its picturesque landscapes. Both parks are full of colorful flowers. 

Worthy Park

Worthy Park is a vast green space near Edinburg, which is very good for gardening and walking through.

A part of this park is used for outdoor activities such as skating and ice skating. While it takes longer to reach this park, you can also use public transport such as buses or trains to go there.

I highly recommend getting yourself a bicycle to explore much more around the town as the whole point is near the end, where you drive past the cathedral and the stone fountain.

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For further information about Worthy Park, go here to find out what activities you can do.

Peculium Hill

This is located north of the square, and it’s considered the highest place to have a picnic in Edinburg.

You can enjoy the beauty of trees and the beautiful landscape surrounding this spot.

Natural History Museum

Within the museum, you will find several exhibits on nature from ancient animals such as deer from 300 years ago, walrus, and whales from 700 years ago.

On the other hand, you will also find a zoo with a live elephant, sharks, peacocks, and more. My favorite exhibits are the dinosaur exhibit and the glass collection, which includes fake pearls.

Newmarket Tower

This tower is situated over the River Severn with an incredible view of the city, so if you love London, then visiting Edinburg should be on your list.

At the end of August, thousands of tourists arrive at this place to enjoy shopping and relaxing until late with great food and coffee.

St Mary’s Cathedral

Not only one of the largest churches in the world, but the church also houses the oldest Roman Catholic cathedral in Europe. On top of that, the cathedral has lots of historical artifacts and artwork.

Due to the size of the building, the cathedral is sometimes closed off to the general public. You may feel uncomfortable walking around the cathedral during the summer months as it can get quite heavy.

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Hence, if you don’t like the interior view, there are other options that you can choose from, such as the exterior doors that open onto the street level, an auditorium, and even a chapel from a distance where you can have your service alone.

When traveling to Edinburg, try to make sure to visit Edinburg’s Gothic market, which offers many souvenirs.

These items are available from hundreds of companies such as local and international brands such as Baccarat, Hermès, Saint Laurent, Hugo Boss, Chanel, Nike, and Gucci worldwide.

It can also be found in many smaller shops around the tourist hotspot area in Edinburg. So, if you are traveling by train or bus from Edinburg, you can buy a pair of boots for your children and get a few knickknacks or something else instead of buying them straight from the shop.

This is where I think that you should find most of your shopping! Take a piece of paper or two with your shopping bag and write down what you have bought and what you need to do with the item.

Then fill in any details you feel interested in, such as color, material, and design. Once you go through your purchases, write down everything about them and post it to your social media platforms.

There are many online marketing opportunities and selling products to clients and businesses.

You can also visit a restaurant in Edinburg like Restaurant Le Pain Quotidien. It has a seating capacity of 4-8, far from the main square.

Not only does this restaurant serve traditional French cuisine, but it also offers something new such as salads, tacos, and seafood dishes.

You can spend a lot of time here enjoying the traditional atmosphere as well as the taste of the region. Try some specialties such as duck or chicken breast sandwiches which they call “douches sauvignon blanc” or “pâte à pomme au Roi” a fish sandwich, steak croquettes, and oyster fritters.

All these items are served in large portions. The décor has lots of greenery and hanging plants that give the dining experience a unique flavor.

If you like looking at art and history, you should visit the Scottish Museums and Galleries in Edinburg.

Along with the paintings of Hogarth and Stuban, William Hogarth, and John Greville, there is also a fine selection of sculptures and ceramics from the early 1700’s.

In addition to the arts, you can find lots of medieval and Romanesque pottery and jewelry, for example, the silverware of Henry VII, which can be used to decorate a cake instead of just chopping it and serving it straight.

There are even lots of decorative metal plates that go back over 500 years. Apart from the painting of the Three Graces from 1650, there are also many old manuscripts. A lot of them were discovered in the 18th century.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and learned about some exciting places to visit, such as the one I have mentioned above.

I hope you found this helpful for you. If you know me, you may have seen this in one of my previous articles!

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