14 Amazing Destinations In Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is one of the biggest and most beautiful European cities, with lots of history, traditions, culture, and unique architectural buildings. Tallinn located next to the southern coast of Finland and has the longest coastline in Europe.

It was once part of Sweden but became independent from that country in 1991. Many tourists come here for different reasons, including cultural attractions and historical knowledge of the city.

Not many tourists can visit the historic site of Tallinn’s castle without visiting this beautiful city. Tallinn is well-known for its cafes, bakery, street art, nightlife, etc.

The capital city has many to offer tourists, from museums to entertainment, shopping malls, and more. Here are some places you can visit or stay in Tallinn! 

Pelosi Palace-Built With Red Bricks

The palace belongs to King George V and Queen Victoria. This castle is located on an 11-hectare island. At night, visitors go inside Pelosi Castle to enjoy the magical atmosphere of this ancient castle.

It was opened in 1876 and had 3 layers of walls, a basement, and a gallery. You can also climb up to a height of 830 ft. Visitors can view the original paintings by Peter Paul Rubens and Van Gogh.

Image by Erkko Vuorensola from Pixabay 

It now houses concerts, film and theatre shows and parties. People can even take photos outside of the castle.

Also, there are several museums with exhibits that help learn more about different European countries like Germany or Portugal.

Kuhio Castle

The Castle of Kuhio is another tourist attraction. Built around 1600, it looks at how castles used to be during the medieval period. It is surrounded by the sea and is considered one of the most beautiful castles in northern Europe.

You can enjoy many different things like looking at the old parts of the city. It consists of two separate buildings; the outermost tower and the inner chamber.

Once you reach the entrance, you will be taken through the tunnel into the other structure. Exploring all the rooms in this castle before going to the main hall is essential.

One day, the castle was used for fairs and events. And when looking at the exterior of this townhouse, you can see how it looks like a mini version of a mansion.

That place has already attracted millions of tourists every year. If you look closely, you will see that the entire area isn’t quite what you think it looks like!

You can travel around the townhouse if the weather is nice. There are six bedrooms in the house, which you can choose if you want. A bathroom is next to this place at the front, and one can use this space to relax and have breakfast.

To add it all together, there is a vast library and a huge bedroom.

Gudja Island-Near Tallinn Castle

Gudja Island is situated right beside the sea. It was made during the second half of the 16th century. When you step into the water of Gudja, you feel like you are in the middle of a natural wonderland.

The island is surrounded by trees and creeks with various species of plants. Like everything else on this island, Gudja Island enjoys a sunny climate. So go ahead and walk along a path to admire nature.

Photo by Jonathan Borba

The island is beautiful and full of life-sustaining resources. So people often visit this impressive sight to learn more about different ethnic groups and their cultures.

It is perfect for tourists who have never visited this country. An exciting feature it boasts is Romania, an indigenous language spoken by only 40 persons.

They speak very little English and think that the dialect is too strange for many tourists to understand when they want to buy souvenirs.

But luckily, there are tourist agencies all over Tallinn to provide information regarding local heritage.

Estonian Culture Center

The ECCS is a museum of modern art located near the Old Town Square area. Along with many others, the museum contains collections of Russian sculptures and ceramics, which may surprise some people because they are unusual.

But since many sculptures were made in Russia during the past few centuries, the sculptures are fascinating.

Most of them consist of human figures. Since the collection is so extensive, it takes time to find the exact images if it does not show any specific one at first sight.

Another surprising discovery is the sculpture “The Woman in White Tights.” It is probably the best piece of art that has ever been discovered in the whole region.

You can find plenty of art pieces and some sculptures here and see this remarkable display of traditional Estonian art that you might be interested in trying at least.

Dalmeny Hill

This gorgeous mountain is a must-see for those who love nature. Apart from this amazing scenic view, Dalmeny Hill offers many other things like great views.

Dalmeny Hill offers a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains like Karkallen, Sarvalo, and Arsa. Its peak, known as Kalmaripek, is a popular hiking spot for most people.

It has a fantastic landscape and is one of the highest points in Estonia. Those people who like active outdoor activities can hike it with a group of friends.

Photo by Arina Krasnikova

People visit many places for fun, but Dalmeny Hill is definitely not one of them. Dalmeny Hill is a beautiful choice for those who want to enjoy pure outdoor beauty.

The view from the top offers a view of the magnificent landscape underneath. On the side, you will find several caves and springs.

And as you look down below, you will discover a cave as big as the world. Also, the hill offers numerous rivers with incredible flowers and streams, which make it green heaven.

Vilnius Island

Vilnius Island is located in the heart of Tallinn. Vilnius Island is also nicknamed Vienniei. It is a paradise island where you can enjoy multiple types of vacations on a variety of things.

Vilnius Island is filled with lakes and is surrounded by forests. And if you want to stay overnight on a boat, the harbor and pier of Vilnius Island can offer you some exciting experiences.

Tourists go here for fishing and scuba diving; the boat trip is also a fantastic holiday experience if you are a person who loves exploring nature.

Villeneuve Island is a lovely island whose waters offer lots of recreational opportunities.

Majlis Park

Majlis park is the giant playground in Tallinn. Many visitors come here to enjoy the environment and the view. Majlis park is said to be the largest urban park in Estonia.

It has almost 2,500 acres of land, including the Majlis Mall and the Grandstand. The park offers many cultural sites and landscapes, such as Pekinisty, a Roman temple, and several statues, such as one of Lenin, another of Stalin, one of Vladimir Putin, etc.

You can see these statues, including the statues of Josef Stalin for the Bolshevik Revolution. Tallinn is one place where many artists took inspiration from.

From the famous artist Gorbachev to Olga Nikolayeva, they all depicted their own stories and themes. Mjolis is the perfect place to admire arts and history.

After seeing all these statues, we cannot forget to visit the grandstand, or maybe watch the game Mjolis plays in a soccer stadium.

Konkola Bridge- A Must-See Bridge

Although it used to take some time to get here, you will soon realize that Konkola Bridge is a must-see for anyone who wants to ride under a bridge.

Conveniently, this bridge connects the districts of Tallinn Central District and the Richie Tallinn region. So don’t miss out on that beautiful pedestrian bridge.

It provides you with a great scenic view. You can see many beautiful spots to explore, like Yrjeska River Waterfalls and Balsamo Ice Caves.

Furthermore, the bridge is pretty much a must-see on any vacation list. Also, you can enjoy free parking and easy access to it.

Sallmana Castle

Sallmana Castle is a famous castle built as a medieval fortress about 800 years ago, after its occupation by the Normans and Estonian tribes. It’s located between two rivers, Lossa and Lunga.

The castle is surrounded by gardens and small shops like bakeries, coffee shops, and restaurants. The building features several hundred rooms.

There are plenty of rooms for guests to stay in. If you want to take your dog to the castle, they can come to live there too!

Image by Светлана from Pixabay 

However, since the castle is now closed, no visitors can go inside, but they are allowed in the garden area to enjoy this view. Since the building consists of several historic spaces, such as many castles from European countries, some people may be worried about safety.

To avoid any problems, some accommodations at the castle are available, which have their own unique entrance doors. Another accommodation that provides a safe space for children and adults. Some other hotels in Tallinn will accept pets.

Elvedi Opera House

Elvedi opera house is another place that has been known as “the Capital of Music” since 1542. It is known for its first performance there in 1660.

In addition to the operas, it gives concerts, ballet performances, and concert tours.

Laplandia Island

Lapland island is located in an archipelago that covers 70 hectares of land and is only 1,000 meters above sea level.

You can find many beaches around this island, with plenty of shops, restaurants, and tourist attractions. One of them is the volcano Lapland.

Pohja Castle

Pohja Castle stands on top of the cliff overlooking Lake Varkala. Located on the hilltop, the walled courtyard and castle are protected by wooden pillars.

The castle has served as the national symbol of Estonian nationhood for centuries.

Vaivarta Castle

Vaivarta Castle is a royal palace located in Tallinn, Estonia. Its fortress was built during the era of Russian Imperial Russia.

Today, it is open to tourists who want to see various objects from the construction and the period of the early 20th century, like sculptures of different people.

At present, Vaivarta Castle is managed by the Royal Palace Committee. In addition to Vaivarta Castle, Prince Andrej Tolstoy and his wife, Princess Natalia Pavlova of Sweden, were welcomed.

Kalevala Beach

Kalevala beach is located in the southern part of Estonia, in Valaituli and Kalmajarvi. Many beaches are here, including the ocean shoreline, lakeside and promenade areas, water sports, sunbathing, and swimming.

Photo by Cụ Hồng


This was my guide for selecting romantic destinations in Tallinn, Estonia. There are lots of places to visit and things to do there. I hope you liked this article; stay healthy and be happy traveling to Europe!

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